Saturday, 22 December 2012

Cab Savvy Mama

YEAH ME!! I have created a Facebook page.  If you have any sense of my abilities with social media or computers, you will know this was not a simple task for me. In fact, it included me contemplating throwing my computer at Dylan’s face. Add to this me trying to add a fricken ‘blogger gadget’ to make it easy for you to “like’ it right from this blog…not a pretty sight.
Plus I had 4 twelve year olds having a sleep-over here.

It was like trying to read instructions on the internet in Cantonese while the Hormone Circus performed it’s grand finale in my basement.

There is more than one empty wine bottle on the counter this morning and I did it all for you. Your welcome. Now can you please pass me the Tylenol?

What is this page for you ask? Relax; I’m getting to that.

It’s a place for you and me to be more interactive. Nice right?
I will post shorter insights into my crazy mind with pics and videos I find amusing. I will update you to new blog posts and also be asking you to share your own creative parenting strategies and fails.
Of course I will include some ramblings about my love of red wine.
And my fascination with T-Rex’s.
But that’s a story for another day. Stay tuned.

Remember, I do get paid to teach people how to parent (oh the irony) so you may even find a tid-bit or two that’s actually helpful with sound professional advice behind it.
Meh, maybe not. But you sure as hell can ask me for suggestions or resources.
Really, it’s just another spot for you to laugh with me. Or at me. I’m fine with either.

I know you are asking, “How did you come up with the name you clever girl?”
Don’t get your panties in a knot…I’m getting there.

The world knows me as the “Mom on Strike”. But that ended in October remember? I still want to be linked to that because duh, Google is my friend. Try 'Mom on Strike'. Go ahead, I will wait.
Sweet Balls eh?
But I want to be more for you. Sniff, Sniff. (Cue sappy background music)

I love Cabernet Sauvignon. Or what the cool peeps call Cab Sav. This should not be a surprising piece of info to learn about me.
The Strike was a creative hands-on parenting strategy…some may say it was ever so savvy of me.
I’m a mom, A.K.A Mama. I write about my twisted and sometimes not so traditional parenting and perceptions. I write about what you are probably thinking anyway with your inside voice. I just say it out loud.
Cab Savvy Mama.
Voila! See what I did there! Sometimes I impress myself with my freaking brilliance.

It’s Christmas.
Not gonna lie, I am one of those “hard to buy for types” and I know you have probably been racking your brain, scouring the malls and searching endlessly online for the “perfect gift” for me. Let me make this easy for you this year.

See the new little Facebook gadget to your right? Click on it. Do it now! Pretty please. Show me the love. Then share it on your own Facebook page.

Or just get me a bottle of wine. You choose.

Thank you…and your welcome for letting me help you finish your Christmas list.
I’m good people that way.

xo J


  1. I do love this blog you are just hillarious and to the point somedays I feel I need to strike... Have a Merry Christmas

  2. Brilliant idea! I may have to attempt a FB page myself, but that's another one for next year. Yikes, only 2 days left! Have a Merry (altho' not too merry) Christmas and I will go check out this page of yours!

  3. Good luck, Jessica! You'll rule Facebook in no time...

    We need to create a "Gangnam Style" - but starring bloggers - video filled with every ridiculous scenario we can imagine. I hear that sort of thing works pretty well!

    1. Such a good idea! Rumour has it that video is a wee bit popular:) We would RULE a blogger video..but heads up, I have NO rhythm, so I will leave the dancing to you!