Thursday, 28 February 2013

Parenting Fun with Smart Phones

I’m a big believer in the golden rule. 

"Do unto to others as you would have other do unto you"

It’s a good philosophy to live by. And a fabulous way to make a lesson stick for teenage children who don’t listen and think they are ever so funny. When they are in fact annoying and not at all funny.

Since acquiring their own iPhones, the Basement Trolls think its is super duper LOL sidesplitting hilarious to swipe my phone when I am unaware and take as many ‘selfie’ pictures as possible before getting busted. And then change my home screen to one of the awesome aforementioned self-portraits.

Side note…what the hell is with the 'duck face' teenage girls are posing with these days? It’s not cute. It's weird. And if you are trying to be sexy, that word should not even be in your vocabulary. 
The whole thing is very quacky to me.

The first phone heist was kinda cute.  By the fourth or tenth time I had spent my time deleting 782 pictures from my camera roll...I was all done there. Get some new material girls…this jokes getting old.

As you are aware, the girls cell phone privileges come with some pretty strict rules and expectations. One of those being that the phones are mine at night to peruse as I please. One night last week after the girls had gone to bed, Dylan and I decided to have a little fun. Not that kind of fun!!! Geesh. Focus people. 
It was time for a little ‘Do unto others’ lesson with a healthy dose of embarrassment thrown in.

What's better than 700 selfies of mom and dad on your phone and as a new pic for your home screen?

701 selfies of mom and dad dressed up in sparkly pink cowboy hats, rainbow disco wigs and multi-colour hula skirts all while posing with duck face’s.
That’s what better.

Oh…and having those pictures shared on their Instagram accounts.
With fabulous captions about how cool their parents are.
That’s what’s even better.

Don’t touch my phone again girls.
I win.

Even after all of this, I may have encouraged Peyton to feel free to have a photo session on Dylan’s phone when he was having a nap on the couch. I think she captured a lovely father-daughter moment. 
He was snoring. I was annoyed. 
It was worth it.

Well, payback with a smart phone is a bitch. Click HERE to listen what Dylan sent me the next day.

I don’t snore. It was a set-up. I swear it was the giant dog.

Xo J


  1. Sorry.....I am working on the sound clip to work for everyone.

  2. This would be the reason the girlchild doesn't have a 'smart' phone . . . that and she has vocally stated she does NOT want one . . . Yup. . . she will soon be losing her 'Teen Card' . . . I LOVE your selfies . . . that wig is Mah-vel-ous!


  3. Raine says: "is that a fart?"....just sayin...

    1. LMAO...I thought that first too. Like a ducks. But I don't think even I could make rhythmic flatulance.
      BTW...congrats on figuring out how to comment here:)

  4. Great post on the dark side of technology - and kids - Jessica!
    By the way, I'm sure you have a lovely snor-, I mean sleeping voice!
    As for Dylan, and the girls, let the games begin.
    My money is on you....

  5. I hear you on the duck daughter turns 13 today and I swear every picture of said kid she's sporting that stupid expression! I've done this to both of my kids and they were both NOT impressed but I thought it was brilliant!