Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Dr. Phil Anyone?

Have you ever heard of some guy named Dr. Phil?

Yeah, me too.

I have been asked to share the following message with all my fabulous readers.
Yes, that's you:)

If you are so inclined to be on his show, email the contact below and while you are at it, can you send me one too, or cc me in at crazymomopq@gmail.com.

That way I can give ya a heads up about what to expect when your parenting takes a national stage:)
Don't be afraid...
Tell them I sent you!


Over-Protective Parent?

Are you or is someone you know a helicopter parent that constantly hovers over your child? Do you watch your child's every move and constantly worry about them? Do you have strict rules that you believe will protect your child but your kids think it's too much? Do you disagree with your spouses leniency or are BOTH of you helicopter parents?

Do Your Kids Have Free Reign?
Do your kids have free reign to do what ever they want? Have you tried to be the cool parent but it back fired and now your kids are out of control? Are you worried about the track your kid has taken because of your lack of rules? Did you have good intentions but now don't know what to do?

Regret Spoiling Your Child?
Did you spoil your child rotten when they were younger, and now they are totally disrespectful, entitled, or even out of control? Do watch TV shows like Sweet 16, and think, "OMG that's my child!" Do they expect everything to be given to them?

If so to any of the above, and you are willing to appear on a National Talk Show, please email me today!


  1. We're protective, but we draw the line at implanting a chip or a GPS unit in Sarah! This sounds like a fascinating show, but I'm actually relieved we don't qualify....

    Are you going to be appearing, Jessica? Your story is certainly interesting enough, but you've never struck me as out of control where the kids are concerned.

    Be well, my friend.

    1. I gladly accept my Meanest Mom of the Year award most days due to my protectiveness and family rules and values, but we are also flexible and with privilege comes responsibility. It's a balance right?

      I don't fit into any categories for the show, so no I don't think I will be making an appearance. The producer just asked for my help finding some parents willing to appear.

      Funny, I did speak to them about the Strike and the reasons behind it were to NOT be any of the kinds of parents listed below.

      So maybe I do fit after all:) Just in the opposite way!