Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Balls Everywhere

All I can hear is the sound of basketballs dribbling against a hard gymnasium floor. It has become the background music to my life. I hear it at work. I hear it in the car. I hear it in my dreams. I hear it everywhere. It just will not go away.

By no means am I complaining. A while back I wrote about the big Club Basketball tryouts going on for my trolls. It was a wee bit stressful around here to say the least. Please interpret that as you choose. All I can say, is Joe from the Liquor Depot had a lucrative February.

Well, I am pleased and proud to tell you that the girls made the cut. Yeah!!!!

Put your glass down and stop your happy celebration dance.
They did not make the same team.
It was time for them to be apart. It’s good for them personally,  as siblings and as athletes. They are thrilled and we are ever so proud.

This is what I keep telling myself as I look at the next three months of my life!

I am not looking for pity, instead I write this so you understand my world right now. Think of it like a blanket bloggy apology. Or a request for a referral to a psychiatrist who can give me a quick diagnosis from the DSM IV…and some good meds. 
Right now I am treading water to keep my head above just to breath.
And my legs are tired.

Wanna peek at my life? Ok…since you asked.

Monday’s: Troll A Game
                  Troll B Game
Tuesday’s: Troll A Practice
                  Troll B Practice
Wednesday’s: Troll A Dryland Training
                        Troll B Dryland Training
Thursday’s: Troll A Practice
                    Troll B Practice
Saturday’s: Troll A&B Academy Training
Weekend Out of Town Tournament’s: Saskatoon SK, Lethbridge AB, Medicine Hat AB, Spokane USA (Woot! Woot! Shopping) , and Edmonton AB,
Plus the local weekend tournaments in and around Calgary.

Oh wait for it….Quinn made her soccer squad as well. Atta girl my little sporty spice!!

If you have a keen eye you will notice there is no mention of soccer in the above schedule. That’s because Calgary rocks and it’s still snowing, but go ahead and close your eyes as you add two soccer practices, one academy training and at least one soccer game into that lovely week-at-a-glance above.

My house is messy. Like…holy shit messy. The snow is melting and the mud pit that remains in the yard is a frolicking Great Danes paradise. My floors look like a cocktail of a mudslide, dead grass and dog hair. I fear the mountain of laundry is going to collapse, leaving no survivors in the aftermath of the clothing avalanche.  Grocery shopping? Meh…I’m pretty sure half a bottle of ketchup and a jar of pickles are enough to make a wholesome meal with. I think I saw a recipe on Pinterest.

If the media walked in now they would have a freaking hay-day.

So if the media is reading this…don’t judge my kids or my parenting, the mess mostly belongs to me. I’ve relaxed a bit more than I bargained for since ‘The Strike'. So instead of an opinion on my messy house, please instead offer some suggestions how you keep a perfect house when must have dinner on the table and kids fed and ready to leave the house by 5:15 every night? After getting home from school at 3:45pm and needing to attend to homework and finishing a workday?  
Returning home most nights at 10pm.
You got nothing? Yah, that’s what I thought.
Bite me. Or pay for a maid.

You may be asking, “But Jessica, don’t you have a full time job?’”
Why yes, yes I do thanks for asking.  And I am behind in my report writing.
And we need to do our taxes.
And Dylan’s blog post needs to be edited.
And I’m just so tired.

Club sports cost a lot of money; registration, team apparel/equipment, tournaments and travel costs. But it is worth it as I firmly believe that teenagers who are involved in team sports or individual disciplines make better choices when it comes to peer pressure and decision making during the ‘I-have-no-frontal-lobe’ teen years.
We keep em’ busy and out of trouble. They know the meaning of dedication and sacrifice and the importance of teamwork. On and off the court.
However at this point and time, I’m beginning to think a stint in rehab when they turn 19 may have been the cheaper option.

So please forgive me if this blog isn’t as up to date as you are used to. I promise to do my best for the next three months.
For example, this written lack of genius your wasting your time reading right now is being tapped out as I sit on yet another gym floor. Listening to the incessant bouncing basketballs penetrate my soul with the background of drill whistling coach’s and screechy girls.

Living the dream baby, living the dream.

By my count I have over 50 basketball games to watch before the end of June. Lord knows how many soccer games.  That’s a lot of bleacher time. My ass already hurts.
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

GO CBA Cobra’s GO!!
GO CBA Viper’s GO!!
Go MUSC Magic GO!!!

GO to the Wine Store Dylan GO!!!

xo J


  1. I've said it before and I'll sat it again, Jessica: You have your own style, but you're one heckuva mom! The Stilwell kids have been blessed with an unforgettable pair of parents.

    As for you blogging duties, I'll try to help out soon. My own life has been crazy and off the rails slightly, but then again, what else is new?

    Take care, oh Wine Mistress.
    All the best to the clan.
    By the way, I hope your ass recovers soon.

    1. My ass thanks you.
      DId that come across wrong?

    2. Not at all!
      It was weird, but fine!

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